“x.ai, the leading meeting scheduling tool for individuals and teams, today announced a major update to their AI scheduling technology that lets their users request a meeting over email or Slack in any language. When the Scheduling AI is added to any email, even mid-thread, the user can write the meeting request details in any language. The Scheduling AI will instantly process the request and assemble available times to be sent to the guests, expanding the functionality that was previously only available in English.

x.ai is the first and only scheduling tool to support scheduling meetings over email in any language. This is a major advancement and further cements the unique natural language IP attached to x.ai’s meeting scheduling dataset. With this update, x.ai has solved the most difficult component of the localization challenge when using email or Slack to schedule meetings.

‘For the first four years of x.ai, we invested massive amounts of time at considerable cost into assembling what might be the largest meeting scheduling dataset in the world. We then trained sophisticated AI models that can understand and process complex scheduling requests. Because of this strong foundation, we’re now able to go from one language to supporting 55 languages in one step,’ said Marcos Jimenez Belenguer, Chief Data Scientist & Founder.”


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