Vendelux has announced a new $14 million Series A investment, led by FirstMark Capital, that included participation from Cervin Ventures and the founders of some of those event organizers and marketers, including HLTH, ShopTalk, Money20/20, SaaStock, Connectiv Events and FT Live. Vendelux has now raised $16.4 million in total.

Events are almost always the single biggest line item in any B2B marketing budget, yet nearly every aspect of event marketing is opaque.

Ask any B2B CMO how they find and select the events they invest in, how they know who is going to be there, how they coordinate with sales, and what their ROI is. Most often you are led to a manual spreadsheet with incomplete data.

It’s shocking that, in an era of data-driven marketing strategies and tech-enabled CMOs, multi-million dollar budget decisions are still being determined via guesswork.

Vendelux is the first AI-powered event intelligence platform that enables any enterprise customer to plan, execute, and systematically evaluate their event strategy. Equipped with 65mm+ data points across 160k+ thousand global events, Vendelux 1) enables customers to better anticipate prospective customer and competitor activity, and 2) gives them the automation and tools to close new accounts. They are rapidly adding customers like T-Mobile, Paypal, MongoDB, Okta, and TD Bank to their platform and we cannot wait to see what comes next.

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