“It’s midyear, which seems to be the time that VCs who put skin in the game give us their assessments of the data and analytics market landscape. Picking up where Big on Data bro George Anadiotis left off with his voluminous coverage on the State of AI, we’re directing our focus toward a deep dive on the current market landscape led by FirstMark Capital partner Matt Turck. They’ve taken a very comprehensive look, and if you want a map of it, you can click on this enlargeable link.

Turck, who is also a prominent tech evangelist in the New York tech community, has lead several of the longest running series of monthly data and smart device technologies meetups in the city. As part of his day job, his team has been issuing these landscape reports since 2012. The title of this year’s report is one of the changes — they are no longer calling this “Big Data” as that term now seems so 2014. We now think of it as just “data,” because analyzing nonrelational data is no longer exceptional; the economics of cloud computing have made big compute and big storage affordable; and also because, by the way, there’s been an explosion of IoT data and use cases that are increasingly pervading our lives.”

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