SurrealDB raises $6M for its database-as-a-service offering — 

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“In 2015, after years of building cloud-based software-as-a-service systems with real-time APIs, complicated security permissions, and multiple separate database backends, my brother Jaime and I questioned whether there might be a platform for building and scaling applications quicker while still allowing for the storage and querying of data in a structured yet flexible manner — like a database rather than an API,” Hitchcock told TechCrunch in an email interview.

“We began to conceptualize and plan the SurrealDB database requirements, taking inspiration from a range of databases which we had used on previous projects.”

With SurrealDB, Tobie says that the goal was to improve the app development process by reducing the need to build backend APIs and database layers or use a cloud data platform or single data model.

To this end, SurrealDB supports real-time queries, security permissions for multi-user access and “performant” analytical workloads, Tobie says.

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