Global ecommerce had a record year in 2020: sales grew 25.7% to $4.2 trillion*. Increasingly, those sales are happening cross-border. By 2022, it’s estimated that upwards of one in four US buyers will have purchased from a merchant in a foreign country.** Ecommerce is a global industry with global opportunity.

Shopify already powers cross-border commerce for our merchants with solutions like international domains and multicurrency, empowering merchants to generate $20 billion in cross-border sales in 2020 alone. But we know that the appetite for international commerce is only growing: in July 2021, over 27% of all traffic to Shopify stores came from international buyers. For merchants, selling outside of their home country can still be daunting. Complexities like currency conversion, language localization, providing local payment methods, and duty and import taxes can all act as barriers to effectively selling internationally, especially if you don’t know where to start. We’re solving that and making Shopify global by default. Enter Shopify Markets: a centralized hub with all the tools needed for merchants to manage global commerce.

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