FirstMark-backed Robin is building the definitive platform to power the future of hybrid work. TechCrunch covers their $30M Series C here.

Thanks to the pandemic, teams are more distributed than ever. For some companies, that’s led to a disconnect between lower-level employees and leadership, the latter of whom are generally skeptical of remote work. According to a survey from GoodHire, 75% of managers want workers in the office, citing the potential lack of focus and loss of company culture. But in a separate poll by McKinsey, 87% of workers said that they would embrace the opportunity to work remotely when given the choice.

Micah Remley, the CEO of Robin, argues that businesses can have their cake and eat it too by going the “hybrid” work route — that is, having employees work in-office during a portion of the week and remote for the remainder. Remley joined Robin after Brian Muse and twin brothers Sam and Zach Dunn founded the startup to help companies manage office space using reservation software.

“We want C-suite leaders, facilities, and IT teams to realize that vibrant hybrid workplaces don’t involve complicated technology or elaborate rollout plans,” Remley told TechCrunch in an email interview. “Something that resonates with every leader is that our platform removes barriers from coming into the office and creates a workplace centered on choice. When employees have a choice, returning to the office becomes less about mandates and more about connection.”