Obesity is a complex, often misunderstood health issue that has long carried with it societal stigma and misinformation. Many fail to realize that it is a chronic condition and challenging to tackle solely through willpower.

Recognizing these misconceptions and the urgent need for an effective solution, Ro, a direct-to-patient healthcare company with a mission of helping patients achieve their health goals by delivering the most convenient and effective care possible, has introduced their newly developed Body Program — an innovative offering aimed at empowering individuals to achieve their weight and metabolic health goals. 

Leveraging the experience gained from helping over 160,000 people with Plenity (an FDA-cleared weight management aid), Ro’s Body Program presents a groundbreaking approach to managing obesity. Ro debunks the common misconception that weight loss difficulties stem from a lack of motivation or self-control. The reality is that even following scientifically endorsed nutritional and exercise regimes may not suffice in achieving and maintaining weight loss.

At the core of the Body Program is the introduction of a novel obesity treatment, Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists. When combined with healthy lifestyle changes, GLP-1 treatments (like Ozempic or Wegovy) can help patients lose up to 15% of their body weight within a year. Ro has created an integrated solution incorporating GLP-1 treatments, backed by comprehensive support and care to maximize their efficacy.

The Patient Experience

The patient journey begins with a digital visit where patients share their health history and objectives. This information allows the medical provider to gauge each patient’s unique needs and evaluate the potential benefits of prescribed obesity treatments.

A metabolic health lab test follows, conducted either via an at-home kit or at a nearby Quest Diagnostics lab. The results offer insights into the patient’s metabolic health, including aspects like kidney function, thyroid function, and diabetes screening. A consultation with the medical provider allows patients to review their lab results and assess the safety and appropriateness of prescription obesity treatments. Together, the patient and provider create a tailored treatment plan, setting realistic expectations about the potential outcomes and side effects.

To address the often-daunting task of dealing with insurance approvals, Ro has an insurance concierge partner who communicates directly with the patient’s insurance company, handling the complexity and confirming when the prescription is approved.

The program extends beyond weekly GLP-1 medication shots. Patients receive one-on-one coaching from registered nurses and access to a step-by-step educational curriculum. Topics covered range from nutrition, sleep, and exercise, to lifestyle changes, all aimed at fostering long-term healthy habits.

Throughout their journey, patients can track their progress using a connected scale that sends regular updates to their provider. Regular consultations are scheduled to review progress, renew prescriptions, address challenges or side effects, and discuss any concerns the patient may have.

With the Body Program, Ro’s objective is to empower patients in their weight loss journey, providing them not only with innovative medical treatments but also comprehensive support that includes ongoing coaching, education, and personalized care. Ro aims to be a reliable health partner for patients, accompanying them every step of the way toward achieving their weight loss and metabolic health goals.