“Earlier this year, I received an email from someone I deeply trust that started with, ‘As you know, I have a passion to push you to raise the bar on your women’s health offering…’. The next day, she introduced me to Afton Vechery.

Anyone who has met Afton and her co-founder Carly knows they are absolute forces of nature. So it should come as no surprise that our first conversation lasted nearly three hours and what started as a conversation to get to know one another transformed into an unexpected brainstorming session and with my leaving with a massive reading list.

Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be more excited to announce that Modern Fertility is joining the Ro family. Afton, who will become President of Women’s Health at Ro, and Carly, who will become VP of Brand, Women’s Health, will together lead all of Ro’s women’s health initiatives.”

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