“‘I’ve wanted this to exist for 20 years.’ This is what Philip Fung, Kit’s founder, said to me when I asked him why he started Kit. Both of Philip’s parents are lab technicians. He’s seen both the life changing power of diagnostics and the unfortunate limitations of the current system up close for decades. So four years ago, he set out to give everyone access to affordable, convenient, and high quality lab testing. Shortly thereafter, he and Erik Salazar joined forces and Kit was born.

Kit has created an at-home virtual exam room.

From a patient’s perspective, a Kit is shipped right to their door. When they open it, they will not be greeted by a cumbersome pamphlet with step by step instructions. Instead they will receive one instruction: download the Kit app. Once they open the Kit app, and enter their unique code, they are guided through the at-home collection process for the type of health data needed by their healthcare provider — from blood to saliva to blood pressure to weight. And at any time, a patient can press “help” and within seconds speak to a real human to support them through any part of the process. After all the appropriate steps have been taken, a patient puts the samples in the tamper proof packaging and ships it back to Kit’s own CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab — and within days, they receive a report with all of the results. Kit is completely vertically integrated.

When I used it for the first time, I felt like I was living in the future. Today, we’re joining forces.”

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