Paris-based startup Pigment has raised a $145 million funding round just five years after its inception, led by Iconiq Growth. The enterprise software company offers a business planning platform for large companies to visualize their past financial performance and forecast upcoming quarters.

In 2023, the startup managed to triple its revenue and double its customer base with well-known clients like Unilever, Datadog, Kayak and Merck. Half of Pigment’s clients are based in the U.S.

They’ve also continued to innovate at a fast pace, releasing over 100 new functionalities and upgrades in 2023 and receiving exceptionally positive feedback on the platform from their customers.

“Our north star has always been to combine an exceptional product and customer experience, so that organizations can build the right plans and execute on them quickly. This funding puts us in an even stronger position to continue fulfilling this commitment,” said Eléonore Crespo, co-CEO, Pigment. “We’re incredibly proud of the trust and confidence our investors place in the entire Pigment team, and we look forward to working alongside them as we enter the next phase of our journey.”

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