Catherine Ulrich announces FirstMark’s investment in Parsley Health and the company’s mission to transform healthcare:

“Think back to your last primary care appointment. How long did you meet with the doctor? Did he know your family history, how your life was going, how your diet or mindset had changed? Did you spend 10 minutes and get a “take two pills and call me in the morning?” I know I did.

The word healthcare is an oxymoron in the US. Our healthcare system is providing little ‘health’ and little ‘care’. 70% of Americans live with a chronic condition. 1 in 4 live with multiple chronic conditions. Couple that with the fact that the average primary care visit is 17 minutes long, and half that time is spent on basic data collection. This is a massive problem and an important problem as consumers rate health as their top priority.

Enter Parsley Health. Founded and led by healthcare visionary, Dr. Robin Berzin, Parsley Health fundamentally changes this broken doctor/patient relationship.”

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