FirstMark-backed Omaze has reached a big milestone in their continued quest to make giving to charity fun and easy. Today, the company announced that, since inception, over $100 million has been raised for 400+ charities worldwide.

“The story starts after a black-tie charity auction featuring a chance to hang out with Magic Johnson. Two friends, lifelong fans of Magic, are driving home, disconsolate after being quickly outbid for the prize—but knowing that the experience was worth so much more than what it went for in the room. They decide to start an online site where fans could enter for a chance to win a celebrity experience by donating $10 to enter a sweepstakes, with the money going to a good cause. Those two friends were Ryan Cummins and Matt Pohlson, and little did they know that the idea they birthed that night out of frustration would become the social impact juggernaut called Omaze that has just broken the $100 million gross barrier in raising funds for a variety of good causes.”


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