“The time has come to take decision science to the mainstream, and this is exactly what nextmv is doing. The company offers developer tools that put the power of decision science into the hands of regular software engineers who have no Operations Research background. Their API and cloud product plays nice with modern software architecture, and abstracts away the complexity of the underlying science.

Today, I’m excited to announce that FirstMark is leading nextmv’s Series A, just a few months after being involved in their seed round. The fact that we, alongside existing investors Dynamo and 2048, decided to double down on the company so soon, while it still had almost all of its seed money in the bank, is a testament to accelerating momentum and the magnitude of the opportunity for the company. It is also, and most importantly, because of our conviction about the utmost quality of the team, including co-founders CEO Carolyn Mooney and CTO Ryan O’Neil, who previously built the decision science team at Grubhub.”


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