Today our portfolio company HyperScience is coming out of stealth and talking a bit more about what they’ve been working on for the last couple of years. We have been involved for a little while already as lead Series A investors, and we are excited to now be joined today by our friends at Felicis, a great addition to a strong syndicate from both coasts that also includes Shana Fisher (Third Kind) who led the seed, AME Cloud Venture, Slow Ventures, Acequia and Box Group.  The company is announcing today a total of $18M in Series A investment.

HyperScience offers AI solutions targeting Global 2000 corporations and government institutions. Their products enable those customers to automate or accelerate a lot of dusty back office processes, particularly those that involve the manipulation and triage of large amounts of documents and images.

At a stage of the AI hype cycle where it is increasingly complex to distinguish signal from noise, HyperScience is a great example of pragmatic approach and thoughtful positioning.  My investment thesis is largely explained through this recent presentation, but now that the company is more public, it is perhaps worth highlighting some key aspects, that may be relevant to anyone with interest in the AI startup space…

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