Glassdoor just named Rick Nucci, CEO of Center City’s Guru, to its list of 50 top CEOs among small-and-medium sized companies for 2019.

The company, founded in 2013 by Nucci and Mitchell Stewart, developed a Revenue Empowerment Network, which uses AI to make sales, support and customer success teams better at their jobs.

The team debuted Guru AI Suggest Voice — touted by the company to be a world first — in November 2018. It can listen in on customer support calls, convert the voice into text and search for relevant content to guide help desk agents through problem solving.

Glassdoor’s selection of Nucci as No. 42 on the list of best CEOs comes based on employee feedback, the jobs service says. Out of 45 employee reviews, Nucci was listed at a 97 percent approval rating.

Nucci was formerly the volunteer president of Philly Startup Leaders and cofounded Guru after prior venture Boomi was bought by Dell.

Guru announced at the end of 2018 that it had raised $25 million in a sizable Series B raise that would allow a hiring spree of about 75 more staffers to its Philly and San Francisco locations by the end of 2019.

“With this round we’ll be able grow all parts of the business,” Nucci told last year. “The round will let us make more investments into the product, continue to invest in artificial intelligence and the role it plays into our ability to provide value to our customers.”

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