“At a time when tech giants such as Google and Amazon are weaving artificial intelligence throughout their company fabrics, data remains siloed at many companies outside of tech, left to the work of employees with the word “data” in their job titles. Data science startup Dataiku thinks it has the tools for companies in retail, finance and the like to utilize data like their tech peers. “I suspect in ten years we won’t be using spreadsheets,” says CEO Florian Douetteau.

Instead, he hopes enterprises will turn to Dataiku’s web-based software to take themselves on the path to artificial intelligence. The New York City startup on Monday announced that it had raised $100 million in a Series D round led by Stripes and Tiger Global Management. The company, which was previously valued at $1.4 billion after Alphabet investment arm CapitalG became an investor last December, would not disclose its new valuation, but said that it was “still a unicorn.”

“We believe Dataiku is about the future of AI in the enterprise, which is a future that is going to be more collaborative and more inclusive,” Douetteau says. “Anyone within the enterprise will be able to process data or massage data to get something out of it, whatever their skills.”

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