unpacks the Crisp mission here

The food supply chain is due for an upgrade. Businesses and consumers alike are feeling the strain, with widespread shortages sending prices skyrocketing. Both the private and the public sector are doing what they can to address the industry. The Biden administration recently announced a multi-billion-dollar investment in strengthening the chain, as companies take a look at their own supply chains and seek to identify places where it can be bolstered.

Of course, to solve a problem, one needs to understand it. That’s where analytics come in. New York-based open data platform Crisp recently announced a partnership with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), the leading independent distributor of specialty foods in the United States, to give consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) food and beverage brands access to UNFI data. Of course, data visibility is only the first step. unpacks the Crisp mission here