“In the five years since bedding brand Brooklinen Inc. was launched, the company said it has made more than $200 million in revenue by selling its bedding and associated luxury products online.

Now Brooklinen wants to extend its merchandise line to offer products from other “like-minded” home-goods brands.

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based startup is introducing “Spaces by Brooklinen,” a digital store featuring three themed rooms stocked with Brooklinen wares plus more than 100 products from 12 outside brands, including furniture maker Floyd Inc., art book publisher Taschen GmbH and boutique watch and clock retailer Newgate World.

Part of the idea behind Spaces by Brooklinen is that offering complimentary products could get consumers to place more items in their shopping baskets, both from Brooklinen and other vendors.

Brooklinen will get a cut of the revenue from the outside products it helps sell.

Suggesting products that match Brooklinen’s aesthetic will also help shoppers complete the entire look of a room, said Rich Fulop, chief executive officer of Brooklinen. “We think of this as a home fashion brand focusing on comfort—not just a bedding brand,” Mr. Fulop said.”

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