This post was originally shared by Proletariat’s Cofounder & CEO, Seth Sivak, here.

Today Proletariat enters an exciting new chapter as we (officially!) join forces with Blizzard Entertainment. Since founding our studio almost a decade ago, our future has never looked so bright. We will be able to dream bigger and do even more for our team, our players, our industry, and our community.

There are two reasons I am excited for the next chapter. The first is legacy. Blizzard is an exceptional game studio, home to some of the most talented people I have ever met. People who transformed the medium and brought audiences together in ways never before possible. For nearly two decades, World of Warcraft has defined a genre and continues to set the bar for incredible player experiences. I can’t wait to start working on this franchise that so deeply aligns with our Proletariat DNA: enabling social experiences through multiplayer games in fantastical worlds.

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