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The advantages of software that automates everyday workflows don’t have to be spelled out. In theory, it’s a major labor saver — not to mention wallet-friendly. But perhaps because automating back-office tasks is low-hanging fruit, the market for workflow automation software has become overcrowded in recent years. UiPath, one of the largest automation vendors, saw its market cap drop from $35 billion to $15 million within the span of a year. And a number of smaller players, including Signavio, Intellibot MyInvenio, Clear Software and Servicetrace, were snatched up by larger tech firms.

Pascal Weinberger, the CEO of Bardeen, believes the software automation industry has two main challenges to overcome: ease of use and discovery of automation. Currently, to implement automation, companies buy tools and then typically hire large consulting firms to actually implement automation with the tools, Weinberger asserts. Post-implementation, companies find that these tools are tough to use, particularly when it comes to discovering which processes to automate — a step known as process mining.

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