The annual MAD (Machine Learning, AI and Data) landscape for 2023 is now LIVE!

The MAD Landscape is the definitive market map of companies and products in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data, compiled by FirstMark.

It has been 18 months since the 2022 report, and in that time, the public markets crashed and VC funding dried up, while at the same time, Generative AI exploded, ChatGPT made AI a household conversation, and Microsoft brought Bing back into the spotlight with its $10 Billion investment into OpenAI.

The purpose of the landscape is to help make sense of this vibrant space, drive the conversation forward, and shed light on the innovative companies at the forefront of the industry.

It has grown more than 10x in 10 years, and we’ve added in new functionality this year to make it even more interactive.

Click here for the live map

Click here for FirstMark Partner Matt Turck’s full analysis