FirstMark is proud to announce our seed investment in Vault! Founded by John Egan, Cole Potrocky, and Zac Morris Vault is on a mission to give everyone in the world access to the decentralized future. CoinDesk covered the news (below) and John Egan shared his thoughts on the recent funding here.

“Crypto wallet startup Vault has announced that it’s launching a wallet that stores non-fungible tokens and other crypto collectibles on Apple’s App Store.

Co-founder John Egan told CoinDesk that the company is looking to make it easier for new users unfamiliar with blockchain to purchase these collectibles and hold them.

An issue with many current wallets and other tools, he said, is that they are focused on developers, rather than casual users. Decentralized apps (dapps) are one area he sees drawing potential new users into the space.

‘The motivation here is no one wants to build in an ecosystem that customers can’t get access to, so it’s really important to build those on-ramps … [Vault] doesn’t present them with a lot of technical information, just gives them a way to start using [dapps],” Egan said.'”

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