The burgeoning no-code/low-code movement is showing little sign of slowing down, with companies across the industrial spectrum looking for ways to increase productivity by allowing anyone to create software through visual dashboards versus traditional code-based programming.

One company that’s looking to capitalize on this trend is Softr, a no-code web-app building platform that launched a year ago, and which has gone on to attract more than 35,000 business and creator customers. The German company today announced that it has raised $13.5 million in a series A round of funding, as it sets out building what it calls “the world’s largest ecosystem for building no-code applications.

‘Softr introduces a fundamentally different approach to building custom apps,” Softr CEO Mariam Hakobyan told VentureBeat. “Its unique approach is the Lego-like building experience and out-of-the-box business logic — instead of creating the apps pixel by pixel, it lets you create it like Lego.’”

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