“Realizing that modern, complex businesses can no longer be adequately managed using spreadsheet-style programs, the founders of Pigment decided there had to be a better solution. Their business forecasting platform has now raised a substantial Series A of $25.9 million, led by Blossom Capital. Also participating was New York-based FirstMark Capital and Frst, as well as angel investors including Paul Melchiorre, former CEO of business planning giant Anaplan, and David Clarke, the ex-CTO of Workday, another business planning incumbent.

Those last two investors are significant because Paris-based Pigment competes with both Anaplan and Workday. Also of note is the fact that another planning product, Adaptive Insights, was sold to Workday for $1.6bn.

Pigment has so far secured large-scale enterprise and pre-IPO start-up clients for its beta product, including a major European bank – although it declines to name any of its clients so far.

Pigment says it aims to overhaul the painful experience of using error-prone spreadsheets and inflexible software to do business forecast forecasting, instead presenting a dashboard-like approach in real-time through charts, simulations and continuous modeling.”

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