We’re excited to welcome Eric and the Mockingbird team to the FirstMark family as part of a seed investment in the D2C company focused on providing a better solution for baby strollers!

“Eric Osman isn’t a parent yet, but he knows quite a lot about the trials and tribulations involved in shopping for baby gear.

When his sister was pregnant, Osman was by her side during the shopping process. “We went to a store… and it was awful,” Osman says. It’s not that the popular baby store was doing anything massively wrong, but that the whole shopping experience felt so outdated. In particular, Osman and his sister both felt the marketing preyed on the anxieties of expectant parents and all but guilted them into buying the most expensive option.

Since those unpleasant shopping excursions, Osman has spoken with dozens upon dozens of parents with similar frustrations. And he’s spent the last year and a half coming up with a solution.

On Tuesday morning, Osman and his team launched Mockingbird, a direct-to-consumer parenting products company with a decidedly modern twist. The team seeks to offer up high-quality baby gear at affordable prices, offered by a brand that is more relatable and accessible than most baby brands currently on the market. Here’s a peek underneath the stroller visor.”

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