Legacy (YC S’19), the premier digital fertility clinic for men, today announced $10M in Series A fundraising led by FirstMark Capital. Rick Heitzmann, founder and partner at FirstMark Capital, who is a leader in digital health and has led investment across healthcare including the Series A funding for Ro (officially known as Roman Health Ventures), will join the Legacy Board. This milestone marks over $15M in funds raised from a top-tier group of investors that also includes Bain Capital Ventures, Section 32, Y Combinator, TQ Ventures, and Tribe Capital. 


“Legacy is taking a patient first perspective on the large growing and changing fertility market. As we have seen in Ro, putting the patient first and building trust is a key part of any relationship and it is especially important in healthcare.” stated Rick Heitzmann.


Legacy serves as a digital-first solution for male fertility. Incubated at Harvard and backed by the world’s leading male fertility experts, the company now offers an industry-leading suite of products including sperm testing, sperm improvement, sperm freezing, DNA fragmentation, and tele-health consults to clients. 

Additionally, the company has partnered with the nation’s largest insurers to create a new vertical that covers Legacy’s services. Today, New York State residents are likely to be covered by their insurance, and by the end of 2021, 35% of all Americans will have access to sperm testing and storage through their insurers. For details on coverage visit givelegacy.com/insurance/. 


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