“Optimizing output,” or cutting waste, has emerged as something of a micro-trend in the investment realm. Manufacturing platforms that help clothing designers create items on-demand rather than in bulk, and a whole host of product manufacturing tools that adopt similar principles, have become attractive propositions to venture capitalists.

Cutting waste across the food chain, in particular, is a key focal point for startups and investors alike. The reason? Roughly one-third of food produced around the world each year ends up in a landfill, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This means $1 trillion worth of perfectly edible food never comes into contact with a human mouth.

Crisp was cofounded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Traasdahl, who previously co-created Thumbplay, a digital entertainment service acquired by Clear Channel — now iHeartMedia — in 2011. He also founded marketing technology company Tapad, which he sold to Telenor Group in 2016 for $360 million. Traasdahl’s cofounder, Dag Liodden, was also an original founder of Tapad, where he served as chief technology officer (CTO) until 2017.

Crisp’s first external funding round was led by New York-based FirstMark Capital, which has previously backed big-name companies such as Shopify, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Discord, while Spring Capital, Swell, and HDM LLC also participated in the round.

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