We are excited to release our first Negative CAC Market Map, showcasing the companies that are acquiring net new customers at no marginal cost as an extension of the paid functionality that their software delivers to existing customers.

In a recent blog post, we shared a new concept we called “Negative CAC” and were blown away by the responses we received.

Early-stage companies covering a variety of use cases operating in markets as familiar as lending as a service, to vertical SaaS for real estate escrow reached out and expressed their resonance with the idea. We have been refining our thesis here over the past few weeks, and thought to ourselves,

“If we’re seeing this many people within our immediate and adjacent networks identify with this concept, who are we missing?”

For that reason, we decided to create a Negative CAC Market Map to showcase the companies that are leading the way in leveraging this new strategy, with the goal of updating the map year after year as it grows.

Click here to learn more and view the full map.