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Past Speakers


Past Speakers

February 2020

Christopher Savoie, Founder and CEO, Zapata Computing

Joe Wolfel, Founder and CEO, Terradepth

Mario Mercado, Founder and CEO, BATS TOI

January 2020

Alexandra Zatarain, Founder and Head of Marketing, Eight Sleep

Omer Golan, Founder and CEO, Outernets

Senthil Balasubramanian, Founder and CEO, Sistine Solar

October 2019

Nader Elm, Founder and CEO, Exyn Technologies

Karina Martins da Costa & Dave Shor, President/COO and Founder/CEO, Lynq

Chiu Chau, Founder and CTO, OpenTrons

Lindon Gao, Founder and CEO, Caper

September 2019

Daniela Perdomo, Founder and CEO, goTenna

Benjamin Joffe, Partner, HAX/SOSV

Jonathan Bensamoun, Founder and CEO, Fi

May 2019

Shaun Stewart, CEO, New Lab

Akshet Tewari, Founder and CEO, Barsys

Nisan Lerea, Founder and CEO, WAZER

Krishna Manda, Founder and CEO, Etho.io

April 2019

Ramses Alcaide, Founder and CEO, Neurable

Ben Forgan, Founder and CEO, Magic.co

Taras Kravtchouk, Founder and CEO, Tarform

Mikhail Kokorich, Founder and CEO, MOMENTUS Space

March 2019

Bill Bither, Founder and CEO, MachineMetrics

Bruce Smith, Founder and CEO, Hydrow

Michelle Cortese, VR Product Designer, Facebook

February 2019

Chris Aimone, Founder and CTO, Muse

Tara Pham, Founder and CEO, Numina

Mert Iseri, Founder and CEO, SwipeSense

January 2019

Jenny Fielding, Managing Director, Techstars

James George, Founder and CEO, Scatter

Alex Schwarzkopf, Founder and CEO, Pillar

Sam Shames and Elizabeth Gazda, Founder/COO and CEO, Embr Labs

November 2018

Grant Jordan, Founder and CEO, SkySafe

Adam Maher, Founder and CEO, Ursa

Ben Popper, Communications, DJI

Dakin Sloss, Founder and Chairman, Tachyus

October 2018

Matt Miesnieks, Founder and CEO, 6D.ai

Krenar Komoni, Founder and CEO, Tive

Etienne Lacroix, Founder and CEO, Vention

Jon Bruner, Director of Digital Factory, Formlabs

September 2018

Haytham Elhawary, Founder and CEO, Kinetic

Melanie Shapiro, Founder and CEO, Token

Farhad Farahbakhshian, Founder and CEO, Naked Labs

Amir Haleem, Founder and CEO, Helium

May 2018

Taryn Southern, Digital Storyteller and Artist

Clara Vu, Founder and CEO, Veo Robotics

David Rabie, Founder and CEO, Tovala

Brendan Kohler, Founder and CEO, Sentenai

April 2018

Jameson Toole, Founder and CEO, Fritz.ai

Bradley Rothenberg, Founder and CEO, nTopology

Amanda Weeks, Founder and CEO, Industrial/Organic

Silas Adekunle, Founder and CEO, Reach Robotics

March 2018

Josh Wolfe, Managing Director, Lux Capital

Max Haot, Founder and CEO, Launcher

Sce Pike, Founder and CEO, IOTAS

Zach Supalla, Founder and CEO, Particle

February 2018

Andrew Scheuermann, Founder and CEO, Arch Systems

Allison Kopf, Founder and CEO, Agrilyst

Andy Wheeler, General Partner, GV

January 2018

Irving Fain, Founder and CEO, Bowery Farming

Omri Yoffe, Founder and CEO, LifeBEAM

Anthony DiMare, Founder and CEO, Nautilus Labs

Joey Lawrence, Director and Photographer, Joey L.

December 2017

Gavin Kenneally, Founder and CPO, Ghost Robotics

George Mathew, CEO and Chairman, Kespry

Christian Smith, President and Founder, TrackR

November 2017

John MacDonald, Founder and CEO, Pi

Kelleher Guerin, Founder and CTO, READY Robotics

Alp Kucukelbir, Founder and Chief Scientist, Fero Labs

Jeff Clavier, Founder and Managing Partner, Uncork Capital

October 2017

Ro Gupta, Founder and CEO, Carmera

Alexis Houssou, Founder and President, Hardware Club

Sara Chipps, Founder and CEO, Jewelbots

Idan Cohen, Founder and CEO, GROW

September 2017

Luke Schoenfelder, Founder and CEO, Latch

Amir Haleem, Founder and CEO, Helium

Robert Laing, Founder and CEO, Farm.One

Drew Conway, Founder and CEO, Alluvium

June 2017

Yony Feng, CTO, Peloton

Nate Beatty, Founder and CTO, IrisVR

Sean Grundy, Founder and CEO, Bevi

Willem Sunblad, Founder and CEO, Oden Technologies

May 2017

Cyril Perducat, EVP Digital Services and IoT, Schneider Electric

Assaf Glazer, Founder and CEO, Nanit

Matteo Franceschetti and Alexandra Zatarain, CEO and CMO, Eight Sleep

Duncan Turner, Managing Director, HAX

April 2017

Greg Marsh, Founder and CEO, KeyMe

Georg Petschnigg, Founder and CEO, FiftyThree

Chetan Chaudhary, Head of IoT Business, Twilio

Vijay Manwani, Founder and CEO, Kuvee

February 2017

Jon Troutman, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Canary

Bethany Koby, Founder and CEO, Tech Will Save Us

Sophia Dominguez, Founder and CEO, SVRF

David Rose, Founder and CEO, PRSONAS

December 2016

Daniel Beauchamp, Head of VR, Shopify

Ben Marcus, Founder and CEO, AirMap

Bilal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital

Scott Miller, CEO, Dragon Innovation

November 2016

Marco and Jack Parisi, Artists in Residence, ROLI

David Lyman, Founder and CEO, BetterView

Leif Jentoft, Co-Founder, RightHand Robotics

Charlie Key, Founder and CEO, Losant

Vaughn Shinall, Head of Product, Temboo

October 2016

James McCrae, Founder and CEO, JanusVR

Shawn Frayne, CEO, Looking Glass

Benjamin Forgan, Founder and CEO, Hologram

Will Ahmed, Founder & CEO, WHOOP

Frank Marangell, President and CEO, Rize

September 2016

Anthony Batt, Founder & Executive Vice President, WEVR

Alban Denoyel, CEO, Sketchfab

Ben Einstein, General Partner, Bolt

Vibhu Norby, CEO, b8ta

June 2016

Chris Allen, Founder and CEO, iDevices

Josh Clark, Founder, Big Medium

Martin Broen, VP of Global Product Design, Pepsi

Bob Coyne, Founder and CTO, WordsEye

May 2016

Dan Burton, Founder and CEO, DroneBase

Avidan Ross, Founder, Root/Ventures

Adam Jonas, Head of Global Auto Research Team, Morgan Stanley

Jonathan Frankel, Founder and CEO, Nucleus

April 2016

Donn Morrill, Senior Manager of Solutions Architecture, Amazon Alexa

Josh Udashkin, Founder and CEO, Raden

Joao Barros, Founder and CEO, Veniam

Brian Streem, Founder and CEO, Aerobo

March 2016

Jens Christensen, Founder and CEO, Jaunt VR

Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder and Managing Director, HAX

Yuval Boger, CEO, Sensics

Jonathan Schwartz, Founder and CPO, Voodoo Manufacturing

February 2016

Kegan Schouwenberg, Founder and CEO, SOLS

Alex Winter, Founder and CEO, Placemeter

Shireen Yates, Founder and CEO, 6SensorLabs

Nora Levinson, President and CEO, Caeden

January 2016

Nicholas Horbaczewski and Ryan Gury, CEO and Director of Product, The Drone Racing League

Andre Lorenceau, Founder & CEO, LiveLike

Amir Rubin, Founder and CEO, Paracosm

Jan Goetgeluk, Founder and CEO, Virtuix

November 2015

Ben Nunez, CEO, Littlstar

Hugo Mercier, Founder and CEO, Dreem

David Friedman, Founder and CEO, Ayla Networks

Dilip Goswami, Founder and CEO, Transformair

October 2015

Ryan Fant, Founder and COO, Keen Home

Renee DiResta, Co-Author of "The Hardware Startup: Building Your Product, Business, and Brand" and VP Business Development, Haven

Vladimir Vukicevic, CEO, Meural

Tim Morehouse, Olympic Medalist, US Olympic Fencing Team

September 2015

Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO, Shapeways

Luke Iseman, Director of Hardware, Y Combinator

Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder and CEO, Augury

Mark Yahiro, Managing Director of Perceptual Computing, Intel

June 2015

Niall Murphy, CEO, EVRYTHNG

Adam Gettings, CEO, Leeo

Joerg Tewes, CEO, Avegant

Danielle Applestone, CEO, Other Machine Co.

May 2015

Billie Whitehouse, Founder and CEO, Wearable Experiments

Lior Susan, General Partner, Formation 8

Brady Forrest, Vice President, Highway1

Jack Kutner, President and CEO, Bigbelly

Dan Roberts, Founder and CEO, Scout Alarm

April 2015

Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder and CEO, Modern Meadow

Christian Sanz, Founder and CEO, Skycatch

Steven Eidelman, Co-Founder and COO, Whistle

Christina Heller, Co-Founder and CEO, VR Playhouse

March 2015

Shane Scranton, Co-Founder and CEO, IrisVR

Nathan Smith, Head of Engineering, Wink

Piet Morgan, Founder and CEO, Hammerhead

Christopher Grewe, Founder, American Prison Data Systems

Adam Kalamchi and Kane Hsieh, Founders, Brilliant

February 2015

Chris Fralic, Partner, First Round Capital

Daniela Perdomo, Co-Founder and CEO, goTenna

Allen Proithis, President and Founder, Wot.io

Shaun Springer, Founder and CEO, Astro

January 2015

Nikki Kaufman, Founder and CEO, Normal

Carlos Herrera, Founder and CEO, PetNet

Ronald Ro, Co- Founder and CEO, Bitfinder

Arthur Shmulevsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Clean Cube

December 2014

Fred Chanay, Co-Founder and CPO, OMsignal

Jordan Rudess, Solo Artist, Dream Theater Keyboardist, and Head of Music Experience, ROLI

Mike Winn, Co-Founder and CEO, DroneDeploy

Josh Stein, Founder and CEO, AdhereTech

November 2014

Tim Chang, Partner, Mayfield Fund

Inder Singh, Founder and CEO, Kinsa

Ben Harris, Founder and CEO, Adaptics

Pete Wassell, Co-Founder and CEO, Augmate

Mark Belinsky, Founder and CEO, Birdi

October 2014

Matt Witheiler, Partner, Flybridge Capital

Steven van Wel, Co-Founder and CEO, Karma

Bill O'Farrell, Founder and CEO, Body Labs

Theodore Ullrich, Founder, Tomorrow Lab

September 2014

David Eisenberg, Founder and CEO, Floored

Jake Levin, Founder and CEO, Electric Objects

Steve Cheney, Co-Founder and SVP of Business Operations, Estimote

Scott Miller, Co-Founder and CEO, Dragon Innovation

Bernhard Mehl, Co-Founder and CEO, Kisi

June 2014

Alex Lebrun, Founder and CEO, Wit.ai

James Siminoff, Chief Inventor, Doorbot

Shai Schechter, Founder and CEO, DeltaPrintr

Sam Wurzel, Co-Founder and CEO, Octopart

Jared Schiffman, Founder and CEO, Perch

May 2014

Christina Mercando, Founder and CEO, Ringly

Sean Carey, Founder and CTO, Helium

Jim Newton, Founder and CEO, TechShop

Joaquim Minguella, Founder and CEO, RepRapBCN

Miguel Ridao, Founder and CEO, Sensing Tex

April 2014

Bre Pettis, Founder and CEO, MakerBot

Alban Denoyel, Co-Founder and CEO, SketchFab

Peter Semmelhack, Founder and CEO, Bug Labs

Chris Bruce, Founder and CEO, Sproutling

Jessica Matthews, Founder and CEO, Uncharted Play

March 2014

Ben Einstein, Founder and MD, Bolt

Nate Oostendorp, Co-Founder of Slashdot and Sight Machine

Dylan Reid, Founder and CEO, Matter.io

Raymond Velez, Global CTO, Razorfish

Max Bogue, Founder and CEO, WobbleWorks

Jia Huang, Founder, Tessel

February 2014

Hugo Fiennes, Founder and CEO, Electric Imp

Ben Kaufman, Founder and CEO, Quirky

Emile Petrone, Founder and CEO, Tindie

Alice Taylor, Founder and CEO, Makie

Bram de Zwart, Co-founder, 3D Hubs

January 2014

Kegan Schouwenburg, Co-Founder and CEO, Sols

Jeremy Conrad, Founder, Lemnos Labs

Jon Bruner, Data Journalist, O'Reilly

Alexandros Marinos, Resin.io

Alex Yancher, Co-Founder, Pantry Lab

December 2013

Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo

Jon Troutman, Co-Founder, Canary

Kris Borer, CTO of KeyMe

Alex Pedenko, CEO of Swingbyte

November 2013

Ayah Bdeir, CEO, littleBits

Alex Winter, CEO, Placemeter

Jason Johnson, CEO, August and Chairman, Internet of Things Consortium

Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs

September 2013

Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder, Arduino

Eben Upton, Founder, Raspberry Pi

Sam Cervantes, CEO, Solidoodle

Scott Miller, CEO, Dragon Innovation

Jeff McAlvay, Founder, Tempo Automation

July 2013

Jenny Lawton, President, MakerBot

Mike Harris, CEO, Zonoff

Brian Langel, Co-Fonder and CTO, Dash

Ryan Rzepecki, Founder and CEO, Social Bicycles

June 2013

Andrew Brooks, COO, SmartThings

Amanda Peyton, CEO, Grand St

Matt Powell, CIO Spies & Assassins

Davide Rossi and Michael Chiang, Co-founders, FitBark