Ryan Rzepecki, Founder and CEO, Social Bicycles. Social Bicycles is a transportation technology company that provides bikesharing equipment and hosted software. Traditional bikeshare programs like CitiBike require a network of kiosks and docking stations. This infrastructure takes up a lot of public space and costs over $5000/bike. Instead of using ‘smart racks’, Social Bicycles builds ‘smart bikes’. Each bike has an integrated GPS/GSM enabled lock that works with regular bike racks. Users can reserve bikes through the web, a mobile app, or on the bike itself. This approach eliminates the specialized infrastructure and is 1/4 the cost of existing solutions. Social Bicycles offers an integrated system and produces the bicycles, locking system, electronics, and the web/mobile software used by riders and system administrators. The NYC-based company has 4 pilots that have launched this year, including one across the river in Hoboken, New Jersey. In addition, the company has won large municipal contracts for Tampa and Phoenix set to launch this winter.