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Design Driven

Past Speakers


Past Speakers

October 2021

Jeremy Cai, Founder & CEO, Italic

July 2021

Packy McCormick, Founder, Not Boring

May 2021

Leif Abraham, Founder & CEO, Public

Melanie Masarin, Founder & CEO, Ghia

April 2021

Fritz Lanman, CEO, ClassPass

Vanessa Pham, CEO and Co-Founder, Omsom

March 2021

Andrew Mason, Founder and CEO, Descript

Kim Johnson, Head of Community, Geneva

February 2021

Peiman Raf, Founder and CEO, Madhappy

Taylor Nieman, Founder and CEO, Toucan

January 2021

Rachel Drori, Founder and CEO, Daily Harvest

Nik Sharma, Founder and CEO, Sharma Brands

November 2020

Shishir Mehrotra, Founder and CEO, Coda

Rishi Mandal, Founder and CEO, Future

September 2020

Rahul Vohra, Founder and CEO, Superhuman

Naj Austin, Founder and CEO, Ethel's Club

February 2020

Dennis Crowley, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foursquare

Samantha Wasser, Founder and Executive Creative Director, by CHLOE.

Helena Price Hambrecht, Founder and CEO, Haus

Emmett Shine, Founder and Executive Creative Director, Pattern Brands

January 2020

Adam Baitch, Head of Product, Atom Finance

Arden Klemmer & Sabrina Fonseca, Director of Product Design & Strategy, &Partners

Corey Manicone, Founder and CEO, Zuul

November 2019

Rachel Blank & Katie O'Keefe, Founder/GM & Head of Creative, Rory

Jake Poses, Founder and CEO, Jumprope

Mason Levey, Founder and CEO, WAVE Meditation & Y7 Studio

Tom Takigayama, Director of Product Design, Justworks

September 2019

Liz Danzico, VP of Design, NPR

Fabrice Sergent, President & Managing Partner, Bandsintown

Nicola Korzenko, General Manager, PodFund

Tina Snow Le, Senior Art Director, Spotify

May 2019

Rebecca Greene, Chief Product Officer, Handy

Heiko Waechter, UX Design Manager, Google

Nathan Igdaloff, Head of Product, Atlas Obscura

Jesse Rose, Head of Product, The Infatuation & Zagat

April 2019

Paula Scher, Partner, Pentagram

Tom Daly, Product Leader, Boxee/Samsung/Spacious

Tanya Malan, Director of Product Design & UX, Bonobos

Ben Running, Head of Design, Luminary

March 2019

Jill Nussbaum, Product Design Manager, Instagram

Barbara DeWilde, Executive Creative Director, New York Times

Liesel Kipp, SVP Product & Design, Discovery

Satu Pelkonen, Visual Design Manager, Squarespace

February 2019

Gabe Schindler, Senior Product Designer, Oscar Health

Jen Cullem, Director of Product Design, Spotify

Cameron Koczon, Founder and Partner, Fictive Kin

Gabriel Valdivia, Partner, Jigsaw

December 2018

Francois de Lame & Justin Ternullo, Founder & Chief Design Officer, Policygenius

Lee Mayer, Founder and CEO, Havenly

Sarah Mills, Head of Design, Consensys

Kate O'Loughlin, COO, SuperAwesome

November 2018

Michelle Bacharach, Founder and CEO, Findmine

Joseph Delaney, Chelsea Atwell, Mark Goldstein, Founders and Partners, Zero Studios

Lilla Cosgrove & Alex Friedman, Co-Founder, Head of Product & Founder/CEO, LOLA & Candid Co.

October 2018

Russell Hamilton, Principal, Connection Lab

Claire Goldwitz, VP Product, Stash

Brynn Putnam, Founder and CEO, Mirror

September 2018

Matthew Ström, Frmr. Design Director, WSJ

Laura Hahn, Head of Design, Priceline

Jake Appel, Senior Advisor, Behavioral Insights Team

Andrew Crow, VP Design, Strava

June 2018

Rachael Blumenfeld, Senior Product Designer, Dia&Co

Jesse Ragan, Typeface Designer and Co-Founder, XYZ Type

Bryan Tsao, VP of Product, Namely

Nick Gavronsky, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Trade Coffee

April 2018

Sarah Adler, Co-Founder/CTO, Spoon University

Monica Parra, Design Director of Product, JW Player

Zack Davenport, Lead Brand Designer, Vimeo

Tyler Davidson, Head of Product Design for Marquee, Goldman Sachs

March 2018

Dan Manian, Co-Founder and CEO,

Malthe Sigurdsson, Head of Design, Stripe

February 2018

Xiaodi Zhang, Chief Product Officer, 1stdibs

Stephen Spyropoulos, VP of UX & Design, HBC

Lara Hogan, Co-Founder, Wherewithall

January 2018

Heather Cassano, Head of Product Design, Google

Krystle Mobayeni, Founder/CEO, BentoBox

Mike McDerment, Founder/CEO, FreshBooks

November 2017

Tania Philip, VP of Product, Shutterstock

Ryan Hines & Orr Shtuhl, Lead Designers, Wirecutter

Nir Eyal, Entrepreneur and Author, "Hooked"

October 2017

Debbie Millman, Host, Design Matters

Peter Weingard, CMO, WNYC

September 2017

Tyson Gach, Product Designer, Thoughtbot

Una Kravets, Senior UI Engineer, Digital Ocean

Cameron Cundiff, Software Engineer, Sayspring

Rachel Starobinsky, Director of Strategy & Innovation, TPG Architecture

July 2017

Chandra Recchi, VP, Style and Studio Director, Coach

Cap Watkins, VP of Design, BuzzFeed

Jess Brown, Director of UX, VICE

Mark Webster, Founder/CEO, SaySpring

June 2017

Justin Gallagher, VP Product, Trello

Steve Vassallo, General Partner, Foundation Capital

Steven Heller, SVA

Connie Chau, Rachel Klausner, and Francesco Fraioli, Bluecore

May 2017

Vítor Lourenço, Partner, Expa

Deepa Subrmaniam, VP Product, Kickstarter

Jonathan Smiley, Product Designer, Facebook

Bradford Shellhammer, Head of Personalization, eBay

March 2017

Tyler Hopf, Creative Director, IrisVR

Diana Mounter, Design Systems Lead, GitHub

Eric Nuzum, SVP Content, Audible

February 2017

Breonna Rodriguez, Lead Digital Designer, Sesame Street

Dewey Reid, Executive Creative Director and VP, CNN

Christopher Daly, Head of Product Design and UX, Sotheby's

February 2017

Dewey Reid, VP & Executive Creative Director Digital, CNN

Christopher Daly, Head of Experience & Product Design, Sotheby's

Breonna Rodriguez, Lead Digital Designer, Sesame Street

January 2017

Kathryn Minshew and Yusuf Simonson, Founder/CEO and CTO, The Muse

Noah Levin, Head of UX, ClassPass

Emily Wengert, Group VP of UX, Huge

December 2016

Emery Wells, Founder and CEO,

Alvin Zhou, Tasty (BuzzFeed)

Laney Caldwell, Product Lead,

Caroline Wurtzel, Design Lead, Bustle

November 2016

Bryan Berger, Product Design Lead, General Assembly

Jennifer Gergen, Design Director, Meetup

Kris Andrews, Director of Design, TeachersPayTeachers

September 2016

Melody Koh, Head of Product, Blue Apron

Tom Harman, Design Manager, BuzzFeed

Walter Geer, Creative Director, Verve Mobile

Alan Williams, Creative Director, Imaginary Forces

July 2016

Amber Cartwright, Design Manager, Airbnb

Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder, studio.zeldman

Jen Simmons, Executive Producer, The Web Ahead

Verena Haller, SVP of Design, Equinox Hotels

Braden Kowitz, Design Partner, Google Ventures

June 2016

Tomer Sharon, Head of UX, WeWork

Mandy Cotta, Head of Design, Burt's Bees Baby & Kids

Hilary Greenbaum, Director of Design, The Whitney Museum

Simon Corry, Designer

May 2016

Billy Seabrook, Global Head of Design, Citi

Abigail Gray, VP of Design, LearnVest

Jaime Strollo, Lead Product Designer, Betterment

April 2016

Andrew Ofstad, Founder and Head of Product, Airtable

Dana Chisnell, Co-Founder, Center for Civic Design

Greg Hathaway, Creative Director, Maple

Jillian Bromley, Lead Designer, Boxed

March 2016

Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer, Pepsi

Lesley Fleishman, Partner, Work & Co

Jon Troutman, Founder, Canary

Jeff Miller, VP of Product Design, Poppin

February 2016

Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer, Adobe

Jennifer Thibault, 18F

Ben Babcock and Ben Running, Head of Design and Research,

Katy Kasmai, Google

January 2016

Gary Chou, Founder, Orbital

Aaron Weyenberg, Head of Design, TED

Joel Califa, Head of Design, DigitalOcean

Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder ZADY and Foodspotting

December 2015

Josh Long, Lead Designer, Oscar

Sara Chipps, Founder, Jewelbots

Anil Dash, Founder and Blogger

Gail Anderson, Author and Professor

November 2015

Paul Ford (@ftrain), Founder, Postlight

Michael Ciancio, Creative Director, Refinery29

Rich Arnold, Lead Product Designer, Vine

Anna Bakst and Nicola Glass, President and SVP of Accessories Design, Michael Kors

October 2015

Rohun Gholkar, VP of Product, NewsCred

Scott Stein and Eamonn Bourke, VP of Product and Design Director, USA Today

Jules Erhardt, Head of NY Studio, ustwo

Talia Fisher and Ben Gelinas, Lead UX Designer and Creative Director, JackThreads

September 2015

Michael Moskowitz, Global Chief Curator, eBay

Liz Wessel and Matt Powers, Founder/CEO and Head of Product, WayUp

Stewart Katz, VP UX and Engineering, Warner Music

Mollie Ruskin, US Digitial Service

June 2015

Cap Watkins, VP of Design, Buzzfeed

Ben Hindman, Founder and CEO, Splash

Julie Logan, Director of Brand Strategy, Giphy

Bradford Shellhammer, Founder and CEO, Bezar

May 2015

Nobu Nakaguchi, Founder, Zola

Liran Okanon, Lead Designer, Mic

Henrik Werdelin, Founder, BarkBox

Jordan Rudess, ROLI / Dream Theater

April 2015

Donald DeSantis, Founder and CPO, Hightower

Simon Berg, Founder and CEO, Ceros

William Martin, Head of Product and UX, Floored

Mike Mignano, Head of Product, Aviary

March 2015

Jeremy Le Van, Founder, Sunrise

Jeff Chapin, Founder, Casper

Mark Zeller, Head of Toy Design, Fisher Price

Deepa Subramaniam, Head of Product, charity:water

David Goligorsky, Head of Design, YieldMo

February 2015

Alex Blumberg, Founder and CEO, Gimlet Media

David Lee, Chief Creative Officer, Squarespace

Jessica Karle, Head of Product Design, Paperless Post

Kelly Sutton, Founder, LayerVault

January 2015

Scott Belsky, Founder and CEO, Behance

Matthew Tully, Director of Digital Product, Harry's

Aneesh Bhoopathy, Founder, Point

Abe Geiger and Krissi Xenaki, CEO and Head of Design, Shake

December 2014

Kim Bost, Design Lead, Cover

Andrew Chen, Director of Product, Gilt

Manuel Lima, Design Lead, Codecademy

Paula Guntaur, Designer, FiftyThree

November 2014

Nir Eyal, Author, "Hooked: Habit-Forming Products"

Diana Mounter, Senior Product Designer, Etsy

Tim Riley, Director of Online Experience, Warby Parker

Zack Davenport, Brand Designer, Foursquare