At Yseop, our vision is to usher in a new age where artificial intelligence and natural language generation democratize access to personalized expertise.

Using a patented enterprise software based on artificial intelligence and natural language generation, Yseop boosts the sales performance of business teams by automating tasks such as lead generation, up-selling, cross-selling as well as the writing of prep-to-meeting reports, post meeting summaries, personalized proposals and customer intelligence executive summaries.

Yseop’s solution dramatically reduces the cost of sales and makes sales and marketing teams more efficient. With Yseop, a company’s sales teams can spend more time on customer interactions and less time on administrative tasks in order to close business faster.
The Project

Research and development for Yseop’s technology began more than 20 years ago with a team coming from the famous mathematical lab called ENS (Paris, France).

Yseop’s disruptive technology has already grown quickly in Europe and more recently in the US, and we currently have clients across a variety of sectors: banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, travel, real estate and e-commerce. Currently, our largest customer is in production with Yseop’s technology for 12,500 sales people and has reported a large increase in productivity and quality of service. We have also recently signed a deal to deploy 25,000 seats for one of the largest sales teams in the world.

Yseop first commercialized its product as a middleware at the end of 2008 and opened up its American subsidiary (Yseop, Inc.) in Dallas, Texas in 2012 and another branch in New York as of September 1, 2013. Yseop has been profitable for three years and has enjoyed strong growth in revenue over the last few years. The company’s financial position is sound.