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Past Speakers


Past Speakers

October 2023

Aravind Srinivas, Co-founder & CEO, Perplexity

Howard Katzenberg, Founder & CEO, Glean AI

Akilesh Bapu, Co-founder & CEO, DeepScribe

May 2023

Edo Liberty, Founder & CEO, Pinecone

Chris Wiggins, Author & Chief Data Officer at The New York Times

Daniel Sternberg, Head of Data, Notion AI

Alexander Ratner, Co-Founder & CEO, Snorkel AI

April 2023

Amr Awadallah, Founder & CEO, Vectara

William Falcon, Founder & CEO, Lightning AI

Dylan Fox, Founder & CEO, AssemblyAI

March 2023

Tobie & Jaime Morgan Hitchcock, Co-Founders, SurrealDB

Matt Turck & Kevin Zhang, FirstMark

Sarah Catanzaro, General Partner, Amplify Partners

February 2023

Sarah Nagy, Founder & CEO, Seek AI

Tasso Argyros, Founder & CEO, ActionIQ

Jorge Gomez Sancha, Founder & CEO, Tinybird

January 2023

Dimitri Sirota, Co-Founder & CEO, BigID

Melanie Kambadur & Gideon Mann, AI Researcher, Meta & Head of AI, Bloomberg

November 2022

Spencer Kimball, Co-Founder & CEO, Cockroach Labs

Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer, ADP

October 2022

Alex Dean, Co-Founder & CEO, Snowplow

Joe Reis & Matt Housley, Co-Authors of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

September 2022

Viraj Parekh & Pete DeJoy, Co-Founders, Astronomer

Benn Stancil, Co-Founder, Mode

July 2022

Shinji Kim, Founder & CEO, Select Star

Cris Valenzuela, Co-Founder & CEO, Runway

Gleb Mezhanskiy, Founder & CEO, Datafold

June 2022

Tristan Handy, Founder & CEO, dbt Labs

Johnny Graettinger, Co-Founder & CTO, Estuary

April 2022

Barry McCardel, Founder & CEO, Hex

Krishna Gade, Founder & CEO, Fiddler

March 2022

Carolyn Mooney, Co-Founder & CEO, Nextmv

Barr Moses, Co-Founder & CEO, Monte Carlo

February 2022

Azeem Azhar, Author, The Exponential Age

Felix van de Maele, Co-Founder & CEO, Collibra

January 2022

Emil Eifrem, Founder & CEO, neo4j

Richard Craib, Founder & CEO, Numerai

November 2021

Aaron Katz, Co-Founder & CEO, ClickHouse

Mark Grover, Co-Founder & CEO, Stemma

October 2021

Zhamak Dehghani, Founder, Data Mesh

Matt Turck, Partner, FirstMark, 2021 MAD Landscape

June 2021

Nick Schrock, Founder & CEO, Elementl

DeVaris Brown, Founder & CEO, Meroxa

Abe Gong, Founder & CEO, Superconductive

May 2021

Ali Ghodsi, Founder & CEO, Databricks

Victor Riparbelli, Founder & CEO, Synthesia

April 2021

Dev Ittycheria, President & CEO, MongoDB

Florian Douetteau, Founder & CEO, Dataiku

March 2021

Dave Burgess, Head of Data Engineering, Pinterest

Bindu Reddy, Founder & CEO, Abacus.AI

March 2021

Chip Huyen

Jack Hanlon, VP Data, Reddit

Arjun Narayan, Founder & CEO, Materialize

February 2021

Guy Podjarny, Founder & President, Snyk

Yetunde Dada, Principal Product Manager, QuantumBlack (Kedro)

Savin Goyal, Tech lead, ML Infra team (Metaflow) @Netflix

January 2021

Alok Gupta, Head Of Data Science & Machine Learning, DoorDash

Julien Le Dem, Founder & CTO, Datakin

Wes McKinney, Founder & CEO, Ursa Computing

November 2020

Tristan Handy, Founder & CEO, Fishtown Analytics (dbt)

Jeremiah Lowin, Founder & CEO,

October 2020

Amit Bendov, Founder & CEO, Gong

Ashley Kramer, CMO & CPO, Sisense

September 2020

David Cancel, Founder & CEO, Drift

George Fraser, Founder & CEO, Fivetran

July 2020

Nate Stewart, CPO & BOD, Cockroach Labs

Alex Rinke, Founder & CEO, Celonis

May 2020

Jerome Pesenti, Head of AI, Facebook

February 2020

Ben Horowitz, Founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Amr Awadallah, VP Developer Relations, Google

Michael James, Founder & Chief Architect, Cerebras

January 2020

Olivier Pomel, Founder and CEO, Datadog

Clement Delangue, Founder and CEO, Hugging Face

Adam Wenchel, Founder and CEO,

November 2019

Mike Volpi, General Partner, Index Ventures

Thomas Walle, Founder and CEO, Unacast

Sam Anthony, Founder and CTO, Perceptive Automata

Ahmed Elsamadisi, Founder and CEO,

October 2019

Pedro Domingos, Bestselling Author & Head of ML, DE Shaw

Peter Wang, Founder and CEO, Anaconda

Rich Waldron, Founder and CEO, Tray

Kurt Rohloff, Founder and CTO, Duality

September 2019

Thomas Reardon, Founder and CEO, CTRL-Labs

Sarah Guo, General Partner, Greylock

Gary Marcus, Founder and CEO, Robust AI

George Davis, Founder and CEO,

June 2019

Solmaz Shahalizadeh, VP Data Science & Engineering, Shopify

Mike Murchison, Founder and CEO, Ada

FJ Yang, Founder and CEO, Imply

Paul Dix, Founder and CTO, Influx Data

May 2019

Zach Perret, Founder and CEO, Plaid

Benn Stancil, Founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Mode

Apoorv Agrawal, Founder and CEO, Text IQ

April 2019

Tim Delisle, Founder and CEO, Datalogue

Olivier Zimmer and Yarden Horwitz, Co-Founders, Spate

Sanjay Jain, Founder and CEO, Seva

Gideon Mendels, Founder and CEO,

Hazem Dawani, CEO, Predata

March 2019

Martin Casado, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Ben Uretsky, Founder and CEO, DigitalOcean

Justin Borgman, Founder and CEO, Starburst Data

Sean Gourley, Founder and CEO,

February 2019

Matt Ober, Chief Data Scientist, Third Point

Daniel Chia & Antoine Boulanger, Team Leads, Google Spanner

Dillon Erb, Founder and CEO, Paperspace

January 2019

Nick Rockwell, CTO, The New York Times

Dennis Mortensen, Founder and CEO,

Anant Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO, Instabase

Allon Bloch, Founder and CEO, K Health

November 2018

Dileep George, Founder and CEO, Vicarious AI

Hicham Oudghiri, Founder and CEO, Enigma

Bob Moore, Founder and CEO, Crossbeam

Zach Sherman & Ben Johnson, Co-Founders, Timber

October 2018

Mike Tuchen, CEO, Talend (NSDQ:TLND)

Spencer Kimball, Founder and CEO, Cockroach Labs

Harald Collet, Founder and CEO, Alkymi (Open Mic)

Libbe Englander, Founder and CEO, Pharm3r (Open Mic)

Edouard Alligand, Founder and CEO, QuasarDB (Open Mic)

September 2018

Joe Lubin, Founder and CEO, ConsenSys

Jean-François Gagne, Founder and CEO, ElementAI

Florian Douetteau, Founder and CEO, Dataiku

Ajay Kulkarni, Founder and CEO, TimescaleDB

June 2018

Chris Dixon, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Daniel Chait, Co-Founder and CEO, Greenhouse

Raj De Datta, Founder and CEO, BloomReach

April 2018

Roger Ehrenberg, Managing Partner, IA Ventures

Ben Vigoda, Founder and CEO, Gamalon

Serkan Piantino, Founder and CEO, Spell

Natalie Harris, COO, BrightHive

March 2018

Bob Muglia, CEO, Snowflake

Harry Glaser, Founder and CEO, Periscope Data

Jon Hyman, Founder and CTO, Braze

Jonathan Levin, Founder and COO, Chainalysis

February 2018

Mark Johnson, Founder and CEO, Descartes Labs

Diego Oppenheimer, Founder and CEO, Algorithmia

Jonah Lopin, Founder and CEO, Crayon

Amanda Stent, Researcher, Bloomberg

January 2018

Jonah Goodhart, Founder and CEO, Moat [No video]

Eric Gundersen, Founder and CEO, Mapbox [No video]

Eli Portnoy, Founder and CEO, Sense360 [No video]

Josh Lefkowitz & Lance James, Founder/CEO & Chief Scientist, Flashpoint [No video]

December 2017

Peter Brodsky & Anatola He, CEO and VP Business Development, Hyperscience

Mayur Thakur, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

George Davis, Founder and CEO,

Andrea Gallego, Principal and CTO at BCG GAMMA

November 2017

Nadia Boujarwah & Christa Stelzmuller, Founder/CEO & VP Data, Dia&Co

Rand Hindi, Founder and CEO,

Vid Jain, Founder and CEO, Wallaroo Labs

Auren Hoffman, CEO, SafeGraph

Ash Fontana, General Partner, Zetta Venture Partners

October 2017

Jean Sini, CTO, Cadre

Christine Hung, Head of Data Solutions, Spotify

Jerome Pesenti, CEO, BenevolentAI

Sam Kassoumeh & Bob Sohval, Founder & CEO and Director of Data Science, SecurityScorecard

September 2017

Todd Olson, Founder and CEO, Pendo

Nima Negahban, Founder and CTO at Kinetica

Omar Tawakol, Founder and CEO at Workfit (now Voicera)

Viral Shah & Stefan Karpinski, Founder and CEO, CTO at Julia Computing

Bradford Cross, Founder and CEO at Merlon Intelligence

June 2017

Stan Christiaens, Founder and CTO, Collibra

Liz Maida, Founder and CEO, Uplevel Security

Sean Kandel, Founder and CTO, Trifacta

Rebecca Lynn, Founder and General Partner, Canvas Ventures

May 2017

Parth Vasa, Head of Data Science, Bloomberg

Duncan McCall, Founder and CEO, PlaceIQ

Prat Moghe, Founder and CEO, Cazena

Satyen Sangani, Founder and CEO, Alation

March 2017

Daniel Ramot and Saar Golde, Founder/CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Via

Todd Mostak, Founder and CEO, MapD

Yaniv Altshuler, CTO, Endor

Drew Silverstein and Cole Ingraham, Founder/CEO and Head of Composition, Amper Music

February 2017

Jeff Glueck, CEO, Foursquare

Kuang Chen, Founder and CEO, Captricity

David Loaiza, Chief Data Scientist, Point72

Andrej Rusakov, Founder and CEO, Data Capital Management

Matei Zatreanu, Founder and CEO, System2

November 2016

Raymie Stata, Founder and CEO, Altiscale

Hilary Mason, Founder and CEO, Fast Forward Labs

Gary Kazantsev, Head of Machine Learning Engineering, Bloomberg

Peter Reinhardt, Founder and CEO, Segment

October 2016

Nick Elprin, Founder & CEO, Domino Data Lab

Antoine Bordes, Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist, Facebook

Ashish Thusoo, Founder & CEO, Qubole

Katrin Ribant, Chief Solutions Officer, Datorama

September 2016

Noah Weiss, Head of Search/Learning/Intelligence, Slack

Jeremy Stanley, VP Data Science, Instacart

Praveen Murugesan, Engineering Manager, Uber

Kostas Tzoumas, Founder and CEO, Data Artisans

Jake Flomenberg, Partner, Accel

Mike Dauber, General Partner, Amplify Partners

Jeff Chung, Managing Director, AME Cloud Ventures

Aditya Singh, Partner, Foundation Capital

Carlos Guestrin, Founder and CEO, Turi

June 2016

Neha Narkhede, Founder and CTO, Confluent

Nitay Joffe, Founder and CTO, ActionIQ

Adam Kanouse, CTO, Narrative Science

Christopher Nguyen, Founder and CEO, Arimo

May 2016

Peter Brodsky, Founder and CEO, HyperScience

Nicolas Dessaigne, Founder and CEO, Algolia

Louis DiModugno, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, AXA US

Amanda Kahlow, Founder and CEO, 6Sense

April 2016

Prakash Nanduri, Founder and CEO, Paxata

Florian Douetteau, Founder and CEO, Dataiku

Sri Ambati, Founder and CEO,

Haoyuan Li, CEO, Alluxio

March 2016

Peter Fenton, General Partner, Benchmark

Eliot Horowitz, Founder and CTO, MongoDB

Eric Colson, Chief Algorithms Officer, Stitch Fix

Kieran Snyder, Founder and CEO, Textio

February 2016

Aaron Skonnard, President and CEO, Pluralsight

Javier de la Torre, Founder and CEO, CartoDB

Hicham Oudghiri, Founder and CEO, Enigma

Satya Ramachandran, VP of Engineering, Neustar

January 2016

Amir Orad, CEO, Sisense

Dan Scholnick, General Partner, Trinity Ventures

Gary Marcus, CEO, Geometric Intelligence

Shivon Zilis, Investor, Bloomberg Beta

December 2015

M.C. Srivas, Co-Founder and CTO, MapR

Nick Mehta, Founder and CEO, Gainsight

Shant Hovsepian, Founder and CTO, Arcadia Data

Stefan Groschupf, Founder and CEO, Datameer

November 2015

Alexis Lê-Quôc, Founder and CTO, Datadog

Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist, Mashable

Josh Bloom, CTO,

Jeremy Achin, Founder and CEO, DataRobot

October 2015

Liz Crawford, CTO, Birchbox

Richard Socher, Founder and CEO, MetaMind

Ramana Rao, CTO, Livefyre

Oren Falkowitz, Founder and CEO, Area 1 Security

September 2015

Anthony Deighton, CTO and SVP of Products, Qlik

Anand Sanwal, Founder and CEO, CB Insights

Lukas Biewald, Founder and CEO, CrowdFlower

Evan Macmillan, Founder and CEO, Gridspace

June 2015

Joseph Essas, CTO, OpenTable

David Glueck, VP Data Science & Engineering, Bonobos

Spencer Kimball, Co-Founder and CEO, Cockroach Labs

Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science, Bloomberg

May 2015

Mahmoud El Assir, SVP and CIO of Global Technology Services, Verizon

Jake Porway, Founder and Executive Director, DataKind

David Luan, Co-Founder, Dextro

Sameer Maskey, Founder and CEO, Fusemachines

April 2015

Bob Muglia, CEO, Snowflake

Howie Liu, Founder and CEO, Airtable

Scott Crouch and EJ Bensing, Co-Founder and CEO of Mark43

Emil Eifrem, Founder and CEO, Neo Technology

March 2015

Ryan Smith, Founder and CEO, Qualtrics

Ion Stoica, CEO, Databricks

Ben Medlock, Co-Founder and CTO, SwiftKey

Paul Dix, CEO, InfluxDB

February 2015

Zach Weinberg, Co-Founder and President, Flatiron Health

Alexander Bisignano, Co-Founder and CEO, Recombine

Mark Kaganovich, Co-Founder and CEO, SolveBio

Ron Gutman, Founder and CEO, HealthTap

January 2015

Michael Karasick, Vice President of Innovations, IBM Watson Group

Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist, The New York Times

Shankar Mishra, VP of Data Science & Analytics, TheLadders

Hanna Wallach, Researcher, Microsoft Research

Alexander Gillett, Co-Founder and CEO, HowGood

December 2014

Professor Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research, Facebook

Mike Olson, Co-Founder and Chairman, Cloudera

Michael Li, Executive Director, The Data incubator

November 2014

Dennis Mortensen and Marcos Jimenez Belenguer, Founder & CEO and Senior Data Scientist,

Michael Rubenstein and Catherine Williams, President and Head of Data Science, AppNexus

Mark Josephson and Rob Platzer, CEO and CTO, Bitly

Matthew Zeiler, Founder and CEO, Clarifai

October 2014

Mike Abbott, Partner, Kleiner Perkins

Nick Sinai, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, The White House

John Rauser, Lead Data Scientist, Pinterest

Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO, Windward

Chang She, Co-Founder and CTO, DataPad

September 2014

Vance Loiselle, CEO, Sumo Logic

Aaron Feuer, Founder and CEO, Panorama Education

Dag Liodden and George Gemelos, Co-Founder & CTO and SVP of Data Science, Tapad

Tobi Knaup, Founder and CTO, Mesosphere

Ihab Ilyas, Co-Founder, Tamr

June 2014

Rachel Schutt, Chief Data Scientist, News Corp

Joe Hellerstein, Founder and CEO, Trifacta

Robbie Allen, Founder and CEO, Automated Insights

Tristan Zajonc, Founder and CEO, Sense

Chris Lynch, Partner, Atlas Venture

May 2014

Renaud Laplanche, Founder and CEO, Lending Club

Noah Breslow, CEO, OnDeck

James Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, Insikt

Jeff Stewart and Naveen Agnihotr, CEO and CTO, Lenddo

April 2014

Jason Tan, Founder and CEO, Sift Science

Stephen Purpura, Founder and CEO, Context Relevant

Ashish Thusoo, Founder and CEO, Qubole

Charlie Jacobson, Co-Founder and CEO, Firestop

Josh Schwartz, Lead Data Scientist, Chartbeat

March 2014

Riley Newman, Head of Data Science, Airbnb

Jake Klamka, Founder, Insight Data Science

Jesse St. Charles, Managing Data Scientist, Head of Analytics, Knewton

Sean Gourley, Founder and CTO, Quid

Chris Volinsky, Head of Data Science, AT&T Labs- Research

February 2014

Tasso Argyros, Co-Founder and CTO, Aster Data

Sandy Steier, Co-Founder and CEO, 1010data

Gurjeet Singh, Founder and CEO, Ayasdi

Amit Bendov, CEO, SiSense

Michael Schmidt, founder and CEO, Nutonian

January 2014

Ian White, CTO, Sailthru

Jordy Leiser, CEO, StellaService

Josh Green, CEO, Panjiva

Corey Pierson, CEO, Custora

Vijay Subramania, Chief Analytics Officer, Rent The Runway

October 2013

John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, Mailchimp

September 2013

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Leigh Drogen, CEO, Estimize

Abraham Thomas, CEO, Quandl

Daniel Nadler, CEO, Kensho

John Rauscher, CEO, Yseop

Marc Batty, CEO, Dataiku

Jean-Marc Lazard, CEO, OpenDataSoft

June 2013

Arnab Gupta, CEO, Opera Solutions

Michael Flowers, Chief Analytics Officer, New York City

Jeremy Bronfman, CEO, Enigma

May 2013

Cathy O'Neil, Senior Data Scientist, Johnson Research Labs

Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, M6D

Drew Conway, Scientist-in-Residence, IA Ventures

Chris Wiggins, Professor at Columbia University and Co-Founder, HackNY

Max Shron, Data Strategy Consultant and former Data Scientist, OkCupid

April 2013

Alex Hawkinson, CEO, SmartThings

Peter Semmelhack, CEO, Bug Labs

Jon Bruner, Data Journalist, O'Reilly

Steve Schlafman, Lerer Ventures

Phin Barnes, First Round Capital

February 2013

Mike Simone, Global Head of CitiData Platform Engineering

Emile Werr, Head of Enterprise Data Architecture, NYSE EuroNext

Raj Patil, CTO, UBS

John Fawcett, CEO, Quantopian

January 2013

Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, CEO of ClearStory Data

Justin Borgman, CEO, Hadapt

Dane Atkinson, CEO, SumAll

Eric Lubow and Zanab Hussain, CTO and Data Scientist, SimpleReach